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Behind Nordic eCommerce Knowledge there is a number of people who are working for greater generosity and for a spreading of knowledge about everything concerning e-commerce in the Nordic countries. By means of Nordic eCommerce Summit and Nordic eCommerce Academy, e-retailers, advisers and providers gather for an exchange of experiences and for networking in order to benefit business in the best way possible.

Mystery eShopper is an investigation performed by the company to test how well the Nordic e-retailers do in their field.

Nordic eCommerce Knowledge is not owned by any e-retailers or providers, which contributes to its objectivity and its interest in keeping up with what is new. The primary goal for this is naturally to benefit the growth and development of Nordic e-commerce.

We are very proud of our cooperation with other companies having the same passion for e-commerce – companies focusing on the spreading of knowledge about e-commerce. Klarna and Posten are providers who have decided to engage in our concepts and ideas. If you would like to cash in on our gathered knowledge and be part of pursuing Nordic e-commerce to become best of all – then we are here for you. Read more about our ideas and don’t hesitate to visit our forum to meet the people who have helped us building up this body of knowledge about e-commerce.